Divine WELbeing sessions have been created by Wendy following her years of working with the mind, body, spirit connection and energy healing modalities of Reiki and crystals and the philosophy of metaphysics which underpins the work of Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" book and professional training.

Divine WELbeing sessions did not have a "name" for years although Wendy was aware that her sessions had evolved and developed into a "treatment" all of their own.

The combination of various techniques Wendy uses are ultimately aimed at raising the client's awareness of the mind, body spirit connection thus empowering the client to contribute to their own healing process.

Wendy truly believes that "no-one can heal YOU but you" - Wendy is simply a facilitator and guide for the client to learn to help themselves.

Divine WELbeing sessions are aimed at enabling the client to reclaim their power, love themselves and heal their lives !

Divine WELbeing sessions are a combination of the following :

* Individual consultation.

* An explanation and understanding of the mind, body,spirit connection.

* Exploration and discussion to find the "root cause" of your specific issue.

* Self-help techniques enabling the client to contribute to their own healing


* Reiki and crystal energy healing session.

Wendy creates a confidential, comfortable, safe and sacred space for you to totally relax, let go, release and heal. The minimum benefits of these sessions are that you will leave feeling a sense of relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

INVESTMENT : £70.00 for a 2 hour session.

 Contact Wendy on :

Tel. No. : 07719 983739

Email : [email protected]

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